Cross Generational Conversation

As time has gone on and I’ve looked further into low waste alternatives the comments I usually get are along the lines of ‘we used to have that’ or ‘that’s not a new idea’. And this is true, the culture of disposability is a recently new one, in past decades single use items were seen to be as wasteful as they really are.

As plastic, low quality alternatives became easier to obtain and markedly cheaper in the short term the higher quality, longer lasting staples became increasingly scarce. It’s has gotten to the point where for many of my generation and below that the idea of reusable nappies, reusable makeup wipes etc seem like a new invention.

This is why cross generational conversation is one of the most important things for this movement. I have gotten some of my best tips and ideas from people in older generations, and I like to think that people like me can offer a fresh perspective to others.

There are many places and events where people from different backgrounds and generations can meet and chat.

Repair Cafes

These are becoming more and more prevalent as people try to save money and make their electronics last longer. It’s also a great place to learn a skill.

Eco Meetings

Places like the Plastic Free meetings that I have been attending always have a healthy mix of people with a passion for doing what they can to improve their local area.

Fairs and Festivals

As we move into the summer food and drinks fairs will begin popping up. Whilst I have yet to see a zero waste fair, Vegan festivals and agricultural fairs often have interesting alternatives to try and plenty of people to meet.

When surrounded by people who are content with throwing away it can feel like a bit of a loosing battle trying to live low waste. Gathering with people that are of a similar mindset, whether it be at a Café, a festival, or a march, can be refreshing and downright enjoyable. If you do go to one of these gatherings be sure to engage, the Zero Waste Movement is all about sharing and increasing awareness, so share. Share your knowledge, your ideas and experiences, give people tips and take them in return.


The Vegan Hippy Market

So last week I went to a local festival called the Vegan Hippy Market. It was a great experience, especially as I knew that I could eat everything there, and there wasn’t just food, there were natural skin care products and up-cycled and recycled clothes. Meeting like-minded people and hearing good music whilst eating good food is in my opinion one of the best ways to spend a sunny day.

Food and drink

Some of my favourite stalls included the gourmet toast stall where I bought a lovely spinach, cashew and ‘cheese’ toastie. The Vegan burger stall Setain’s (pronounces satans) grill, that makes black bun burgers, unfortunately the stall was so popular that I couldn’t get a taste. There were also many vegan dessert stalls including Beau Monde that made amazing cupcakes, and Pip’s real hot chocolate co who make hot chocolate shots that you simply drop in hot milk.








Many of the vegan skincare stalls provided their products in recyclable or refillable packaging. Like the Heavenly skin care organics stall where I bought some lovely deodorant powder, all of their products come in low waste packaging and they provide refills for their products if you send them your empty container.


Finally there was a stall run by the followers of Master Cheng Yen, they work as Buddhist disaster relief workers and have also developed shopping bags made from recycled water bottles.