Go Old School for Low Waste

There are certain things in the supermarket isles that appear to be packaged to death. ‘Fresh’ fruit vacuum sealed despite already coming with a natural protective layer, or crackers wrapped in plastic and then also packaged in a cardboard box. In comparison there are some things that on the surface don’t seem to have excess packaging, like milk or eggs, […]

How to Reduce Food Waste

One of the biggest sources of avoidable waste that I and I think a lot of people have to deal with is throwing away food. Sometimes its completely unavoidable, there are parts of the food that you can’t eat, or you’ve just forgotten something in the back of a fridge and its gone off. But here are some tips that […]

An Hour Off

Something I have always been well aware of and not liked is a feeling of addiction. One of the main reasons why i’ve never smoked, drank or tried drugs is not wanting to fall into a cycle of being reliant on something. On the few times that i’ve found myself with an addiction, e.g. caffeine. I have made a concerted […]

A Month of Letting Go

As April approaches, and the urge to spring clean begins, I come to you with a game. A game and a great way for you and your family/friends to reduce the amount of unneeded stuff in your life. Started by The Minimalists (https://www.theminimalists.com) I present to you the 30 day minimalism challenge. How it works On day one you choose […]

Scrapstores: Where Nothing Goes to Waste

For many of you creative types out there you may be wondering how you can keep up a low waste lifestyle whilst still indulging in your hobbies. Many hobbies such as sewing, sculpture etc leave you with off-cuts and other bits of waste that you often don’t want to keep, and can’t find a use for. There are many ways […]