The Negative Impact of Fast Fashion

The emergence of the fast fashion industry has not only caused an impact on most peoples bank accounts but also on the economy of the third world countries that supply this industry and on the environment as a whole. Back in the 1950s and before there were a maximum of 4 seasons in the fashion calendar, Spring, Summer, Autumn and […]

The Vegan Hippy Market

So last week I went to a local festival called the Vegan Hippy Market. It was a great experience, especially as I knew that I could eat everything there, and there wasn’t just food, there were natural skin care products and up-cycled and recycled clothes. Meeting like-minded people and hearing good music whilst eating good food is in my opinion […]

The Importance of Hemp

Hemp has many uses and should in my opinion be the go to ingredient for products such as packaging, clothing and paper. Many people have an issue with hemp as an ingredient in that they believe it can only be used as a drug, or that using a product with hemp in will cause you to get high. However the […]