A Month of Letting Go

As April approaches, and the urge to spring clean begins, I come to you with a game. A game and a great way for you and your family/friends to reduce the amount of unneeded stuff in your life.

Started by The Minimalists (https://www.theminimalists.com) I present to you the 30 day minimalism challenge.

How it works

On day one you choose one item to get rid of. It can be anything, jewellery, clothes, technology etc. On day two you choose two items to get rid of and so on and so fourth until you reach the end of the month when on day 30 you chose 30 items to get rid of. If you follow this then by the end of the month you will have gotten rid of 465 items!

Now the minimalists use the stipulation that whatever you pick must be out of the house by midnight on the night you choose to get rid of it. I however will be collecting my choices and disposing of them on the 1st of May, this way I can donate, gift or throw away everything in one go.

My plan of action

What you choose to give up is up to you, i’m planning on going from one side of my bedroom, where I keep the majority of my stuff, to the other. If I then run out of things that I am willing to get rid of I will move into the other areas of my house.

A good way to go about deciding what to get rid of is to ask your self the following questions:

Non season specific items (aka things you use regardless of the weather):

  • Have you used it in the last month?
  • Are you going to use it by the end of the next month?
  • Does it actively improve or enrich your life?

Season specific items (aka summer dresses, winter coats etc.)

  • Did you wear/use it last season?
  • Are you going to wear/use it in the next year?

If the answer to these questions is no then you have to get rid of it.

I think one of the biggest issues for me will be the possibility of getting rid of my ornaments. Logically they don’t really add to my life in any meaningful way, and most of them were bought on a whim some years ago so they also have no sentimental meaning. So for myself I have a stipulation for objects that I don’t physically use e.g. ornaments, and it is this, do I remember when I got it, why I got it or who got it for me? If the answer to these is no then i’m getting rid of it.

I invite you to join me on the 1st of April to start on your month of letting go. Why not comment with your plan of action or what you know you’re going to get rid of? Share photos and tips with each other. Have fun!

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