Low Waste Learning

One of the last things you may be thinking about as you prepare to go to university, whether you are going back or heading off for the first time, is reducing your waste. But i’m here to tell you that not only can it be relatively simple but can save you money as well, which as a student is something […]

Are You Still Watching?

My Top 5 Sustainability and Low Waste Living Documentaries on Netflix I’ve written before about various documentaries that I have found useful in my low waste journey. I regularly have weeks where the only things that I want to watch are documentaries and as such have been through my fair share of them. I’ve even been asked by my friends […]

Never fear failure

There have been times in the past when I have slipped up and bought something super wasteful. For example, a few days ago I went out shopping and realised that i’d left my reusable shopping bag at home and on top of that it was super hot and I hadn’t bought a drink or bottle with me. One plastic water […]

Doing Our Part

There has been a lot of talk in the UK about trying to reduce our single use plastics. And whilst I am happy that environmental issues are becoming more of a talking point in politics, mush of the proposed legislation is, lets just say, misguided. The main policy that the UK government is trying to put through is a ban […]

The Living Lighter Store

Exciting things are happening at Living Lighter. We’ve opened a shop! whilst it’s still small at the moment we’re hoping to expand our range as time goes on. Currently we’re selling :glass straws, bamboo toothbrushes, handmade soap and beeswax snack bags to help you guys begin your low waste journey. Our prices: If you have visited our store then you […]