Finding a Way to Love the Junk

I started this year with a bullet journal, i’d wanted a way to keep myself organised and be crafty and creative whilst doing so. However, a few weeks into it I realised that what I wanted wasn’t an organisational journal but a scrapbook style journal. A couple of hours of research later (and by research I mean scrolling through Pinterest) I found a much better fit for what I wanted to do, Junk journalling. Of course i’m still going to keep up with my bullet journal, no point in wasting a perfectly good notebook, and it does keep me organised. It’s also a great place to jot down blog ideas.

Junk journalling is the practice where you take items such as old tickets, recipes, business cards etc and use them to create a work of art on each page of your journal. It’s a great way to reuse bits of waste and un-recyclable rubbish that you’ve collected over the years and can also be used as a good way to remember certain occasions, holidays, and days out.

You can also use thing such as clothing tags, old envelopes, and buttons to make 3D or textured pages. I myself have used parts of old birthday cards, lace and even feathers to create nice sensory pages. Its a nice and relaxing past time that costs nothing except for the price of the original book, and even then you can make you’re own journal by sewing the pages together, that way you can make your journal as big as you want.

For those of you looking for a relaxing, waste reducing hobby I would highly recommend trying out a junk journal. It’s so easy, whether you think of yourself as creative or not, it’s a great way to look back over the year, and its another way to reduce your waste footprint.

Here are a few pages from my current junk journal.

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