Pela case review

Pela case review

I’ve been using the same old phone case for the past 6 years because it fit my last 2 phones. And I wasn’t about to throw out a perfectly good case if I didn’t have to. However when my last phone stopped working and I decided to go with a different make and model of phone I couldn’t transfer my old phone case with it. This was possibly a good thing anyway as the phone case broke as I pulled it off of my old phone.

I’ve known of Pela case as a zero waste, eco-friendly phone case brand for at least 3 years but could never justify throwing away my plastic phone case until now. Buying an eco-alternative but disposing of a plastic but fully functional case goes against the basic principles of environmentalism and falls straight into the category of performative eco-activism that I have no time for.

But you can bet than when the time came for a new, functioning phone case that I was going to give Pela a try. And timing seemed to be on my side because as I went searching for the case design that I wanted they were having a buy-one-get-one-free sale, as well as 25% off of their eco-friendly, plastic free screen protector.

The buy-one-get-one-free sale was an attempt to get people to clean their phone cases more often due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I’ve had the cases for over 2 months now so I think it’s a perfect time to give you all my thoughts and feelings about this product.


The two designs that I went for were the bumblebee design and the sea turtle design. They are both very attractive to look at and very true to what was advertised on the Pela website. The colours are vibrant without being too garish and the material is soft and gives a good grip. And surprisingly they smell amazing!


Many of my previous phone cases either felt too slippery for me to feel super confident when holding them, or the grip was uncomfortable. This is not the case with these cases. They fit my phone perfectly and are easy to take off and put on which is good because I swap cases around once a week when I clean them. As for cleaning, I work a very dirty job, which was a concern when buying such pale coloured cases, but after 2 months and multiple cleans they are still going strong. There has been no change in colour, the designs are still clearly visible and the case shows no signs of splitting or cracking. I use simple hand soap and warm water to clean my cases and that has been more than enough to bring them back to their pre-work glory.


The phone cases arrived with minimal excess packaging. The cases themselves were free in the box and sustained no adverse effects due to this. The liquid screen protector, that I bought due to there being a 25% off sale on it as well as the buy one get one free on the cases, came in an adorable glass bottle which was encased in a recycled and biodegradable cardboard box. Even the ink on the box was made from vegetables.

Environmental Impact

Pelas main goal is to prevent the production and distribution of wasteful plastic phone cases by providing attractive alternatives. Having signed up to the Pela newsletter I’ve found that they do much more as well. By sending out weekly updates on their own work and the work of others in the sustainability sector they make it easier for everyone to continue following their own sustainability path.

Their website is also incredibly transparent about their own impact. They have a page chartering and keeping track of their company’s carbon footprint, and they run a blog which works as a more in-depth version of their newsletter.

The only downside, for me at least, is that as a Canadian based company the airmiles it took to get my cases and screen protector to me was bigger than if they had been closer. However, I have yet to find a good UK based alternative.


So far I have no complaints about my Pela case phone cases, they are easy to clean, pleasing on the eye, and I don’t have to worry about the disposal when they finally get tired. I would fully recommend Pela to anyone who wants a new phone case or screen protector.

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