Some Thoughts About the Dark Times (Covid-19).

Some Thoughts About the Dark Times (Covid-19).

So it’s been a while, but what better time to give this blog a revamp and a little revitalisation than when I literally can’t do anything else. Because well, shits going down isn’t it. And that shit goes by the name of Covid-19.

For everyone reading this let me just say that I hope you are safe and well and I hope that you are doing as best you can in the current crisis.

That being said I have seen many posts about how everyone should be using the Covid-19 lockdown to get on with the projects that they’ve neglected. That you should be learning a new skill. And fine, if that’s the way that you deal with trauma then have at it, be as busy as you can make yourself (I’m saying this as someone who very much deals with trauma in this way).

But if you’re one of the countless people out there who are feeling kind of paralyzed by this crisis then please don’t feel pressured to ‘keep calm and carry on’. It’s time to care for yourself now. Have a duvet day, heck have several duvet days. Lie on the sofa and binge watch that TV show for the 20th time, why the fuck not. Because like I said earlier what we are experiencing right now is a crisis, unprecedented in recent history, and as a result we are all going through a collective, social trauma. It’s inevitable.

Ever wondered why your grandparents and great-grandparents had such a hard time buying new things or letting go of old, broken items? That was one of the collective, social trauma responses of WW2 and rationing. So in the months and years to come after all of this has ended and you still find yourself a little uncomfortable when a stranger comes within 2 feet of you, or you have an overwhelming urge to clean all of your packaging with anti-bacterial wipes just remember that you survived it. You did your best, and your best doesn’t have to be big or impressive, it just has to be enough.

We’re going to come out of this changed, but the world will have changed too, hopefully for the better. People are waking up during this time of crisis, realising that at its core humanities go to response is not greed or selfishness but kindness. Sure, there have been a few bad eggs, some people hoarding more than needed, big businesses choosing to fire employees instead of taking a downturn in profits, but they are the minority.

We are learning that Hollywood and the big disaster movies had us wrong. When the chips are down, we don’t fight in the streets, we sing. We don’t just hunker down and ignore the struggles of others, we get up and help, we cook and bake, we paint, we walk, we cheer.

And hopefully, we see a different kind of future than the one we have had fed to us – but that’s for another post.

Now after this brief outpouring of my thoughts and emotions let me leave you with this quote that I think sums up the Covid-19 crisis so far.

‘In the dark times will there also be singing?

Yes there will also be singing. About the dark times.’

Bertolt Brecht

Stay safe, the dark times will end.

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