Have a Merry Christmas and a Low Waste New Year

Now I realise that i’ve sort of missed the boat when it comes to making a ‘how to have a low waste Christmas’ post so i’ll leave that one until next year. However now that Christmas is over I thought i’d talk about what a lot of people are beginning to think about. New Years Resolutions. You may already have […]

Low Waste is Lush

I had planned to dedicate my next few blog posts to breaking down sustainable living room by room, starting with the bathroom. However when I tried to list the main ways to reduce waste (no pun intended) in the bathroom I couldn’t overlook the shear amount of Lush products that I use for almost every part of my regime. Now […]

The Big Clean Out

As I wrote in one of my older posts I discovered the documentary ‘Minimalism’ on Netflix and it is one of the main things that inspired me to change my lifestyle and also to start this blog. The main thing I discovered whilst trying to reduce my wastefulness and declutter was how wasteful it is at the start. I was […]

Think Packaging

Whenever I go shopping now I have a mental checklist that I go through to determine whether or not I actually need what i’m buying. Mostly it goes like this: How much of this will I be throwing away? How much is recyclable? How much is biodegradable? Is there a low waste alternative? And if it turn out that I […]